Mulga Mine Neighborhood Organization

The Mulga Community Civic League, now known as the Mulga Mine Neighborhood Organization (MMNO) is a non-profit organization established to address concerns related to safety, community, neighborhood beautification, and education, preserving our “Home Zone”. Our job is to be Mulga Mine’s point of contact for the county and other agencies to forward information and work on projects and issues for the betterment of our neighborhood.


Our goal is to improve the quality of life in the Mulga Mine Community by voicing the needs and concerns of our residents to Jefferson County, the Town of Mulga, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and other agencies enlisted for support.

We will organize community events, projects, cookouts, cleanup days, community yard sales, parades, sport games and more to help us get to know our neighbors and become a more tight-knit community. We must work together to improve, encourage and engage each other if we want succeed in our endeavors.


Contact an officer of the MMNO with suggestions, concerns, or ideas to improve Big Mulga. This can include unlawful dumping, potholes, over-grown trees or bushes, criminal activity, or just an idea that a new sign is needed at a particular intersection.

We are “A community on the move; moving in a new direction.”