Neighborhood Watch

MulgaNeighborhoodWatchThe Mulga Neighborhood Watch (MNW) was established on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at the Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church. The purpose and mission of the MNW was also established.

With a few concerned residents present, three major concerns regarding the Mulga Mine Community were discussed. The first Neighborhood Watch Coordinator (Carmanita Shelley) and Co-Coordinator (Carolynn Conway) were elected. Initial Block Captains for each street volunteered to serve.

  • Azalea Road: Quincy Gibson
  • Camille Street: Faye Humphrey
  • Hickory Street: Thomas Henton
  • Pine Street: Melvina Shelley
  • Elm Street: Leonard Robinson

Our purpose is to help reduce crime, create a better quality of life and to provide the community with a greater sense of security, responsibility and personal control.

Our mission is to take a proactive stance, aiding residents with the tools and skills to keep our community clean, protect themselves and their personal property and to be prepared for disasters and emergencies that may affect our community; thereby maintaining the security, integrity and beauty of our neighborhood.